I hate it when i get left behind for.things Dx i barely get to.go anywhere on my own let alone with people to go check out this place so i don’t care if i’m sleeping or busy, if you’re going somewhere let me know

Saturday, April 19th


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As we grow up our heroes become more human than we are

Friday, April 18th
Okay i lied

As much as i say that she’s a distraction and i pray my feelings for her would go away, God has shown.me already that often times the problem isn’t what’s on the outside but the true issue lies on the inside.

Regardless if it’s distractions, certain sins or what ever, as long as we keep our eyes on the cross and asking God to allow more of Him and less of us then i believe God will work out those distractions and issues for you

Because who else has more capable hands to work with such a mess as me?

Thursday, April 17th
Last procrastination post i promise

The thing is with this girl is that she’s not a girl but a woman and the most Godly women i’ve ever met at that. Dude she’s so legit that yesterday she gave her testimony and now they want to put it in a magazine that the people here send out to a bunch of different places!

Anytime i’ve ever tried explaning something from the bible, when it takes me forever with the worst vocbulary, she’ll just pull out the most eloquently put together explination out of thin air.

It makes me happy to see someone so for God but just as much, the negative side of my brain gets upset and angry when it starts thinking stuff like ” a guy like me could never deserve.a girl like that” or “i’m no where near Godly enough to even think about me being with her” not that Godlyness is something to compare with others or anything. I honestly believe that by keeping focused on Christ, he makes up for all of the things we lack no matter the area.

That being said it sucks hearing her say every day how she finds a guy from one of the christian bible colleges over here and says ” i’d marry him” or “that’s the kind of man i want, he just has so much love in his eyes” and i can’t help sometimes but to wish i had those qualities ya know?

Thursday, April 17th

If there is one thing i pray would happen for.my self on this trip it’s that God would takr aeay my feelings for this girl on this trip. They’re such a huge distraction.

I already know she doesn’t like me and it’s hard to keep jesus at the center.of it all when you costantly want to think and.hang out with them…

Not that it’s a bad thing but i mean for example i could be reading or prayinh right now but instead i’m writing a text post 2 hours before i’m supposed to go preach and i haven’t even brushed my teeth yet…


I infuriate my self lol

Thursday, April 17th

It’s around 2:30am over here and i can’t sleep. Everyone i’ve tried talking to back home won’t reply or is understandably sick…

Feel free to.message me you guys

Wednesday, April 16th

One of the only down sides to.this mission trip is having to spend every day with someone you really like that rejected you. It is honestly a big distraction in all this but like with all distractions, my focus will be refined…or well… I pray that’s the out come lol

Wednesday, April 16th

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